Delta To Retire All Boeing 717s and 767-300ERs by 2025

Delta is accelerating Boeing 717 and 767-300ER retirements.

Delta has announced it’s retiring all Boeing 717s and 767-300ERs by December 2025 in order to modernize its fleet and enhance cost savings.

Delta has determined that “the carrying value of these aircraft are no longer recoverable when compared to their estimated remaining future cash flows”.

More details of each aircraft:

Delta’s 767-300ERs:

  • Delta already announced it would accelerate the retirement of seven Boeing 767-300ERs this year in response to COVID-19. At the moment, the majority of Delta’s 767-300ERs remain grounded with the minority continuing to operate some domestic and international services.

  • Delta currently has a bit over 50 Boeing 767-300ERs in its fleet. In terms of capacity, Delta’s current A330-200s are the closest replacement.

Delta’s 717-200s:

  • Delta has grounded around half of its Boeing 717 fleet. These were supposedly planned to stay in the fleet until the late 2020s to the 2030s, but that’s no longer the case.

  • Delta still has a huge 717 fleet with 91 aircraft. The Boeing 717 can easily be replaced by the Airbus A220-100 as they have similar capacity.

Delta’s CRJ-200:

  • Delta is also accelerating the retirement of its CRJ-200 fleet to 2023. Delta has around 100 CRJ-200s that are operated by SkyWest and Endeavor Air

Other Retirements:

  • As a result of COVID-19, Delta has already accelerated the retirements of its McDonnell Douglas MD-88 and MD-90 fleets. Additionally, Delta is set to retire its remaining Boeing 777s next month.

The retirement plans for the Boeing 717s, 767-300ERs, and CRJ-200s can change. Delta is still evaluating the retirement of other aircraft:

“Delta may continue to consider further opportunities for early aircraft retirements in an effort to modernize and simplify its fleet”

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Delta’s 8-K (includes the retirement info):

Delta fleet info:

767 Image:

Does anyone know when the 767-300ERs and CRJ-200s were supposed to retire? I’d assume the 767-300ERs were set to be retired in the late-2020s, but no idea on the CRJ-200s. From what it sounds like, this is the first time they’ve publicly said anything on 767/CRJ retirements.

As of now, there’s still five years left to enjoy Delta’s Boeing 717s and 767-300ERs as well as three years for the CRJ-200. Though, these aircraft should remain in Infinite Flight, so they’ll live on.


NOOOOOOOO…Oh wait that’s 5 years from now I think I have time to fly these


Wow. I actually just talked to Delta pilot who is a captain on the 717 and was about to start training in the 767. Will be interesting to see where he goes now in the next couple of years (even though I probably will never talk/see to him again).

Also to mention, other then a few 757 and 737’s, the Delta fleet is starting to become very Airbusy


Me right now after seeing this:


We get the 712 twice a day every day from Atlanta, sad to see them go…

No. This will NOT happen under my watch! We will not loose the last McDonnell Douglas, I will not let it happen. I already lost my chance to fly on an MD-80 and an MD-90. And I can’t stand to see the 717 go earlier than expected. Plus, most of the 717’s aren’t even 20 years old, this is ridiculous!

The worst part, the A220.

Plus, the 767’s and CRJ-200’s aren’t that old either. If airliners can’t last 20 years, I’m concerned that new aircraft won’t last even 10 years in the coming years. It’s sad that such reliable aircraft are being retired in their prime.


Damn. That really stinks. Maybe in 20 years Delta will still have a Boeing aircraft


I expected this to happen eventually. Hope I can ride the Delta 717 or 767 before they leave us for good. Those Rolls Royce BR-700s are special.

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I’ll admit, I’m saddened by the 717 departure. Love to see those fly over my house. 😔

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Are they still trying to turn in the 717s for 738s?

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Such a disgrace. 👎👎👎👎👎

Doubt it. The vast majority of airlines are slowly switching to Airbus. Because apparently 100% automation is the way to go when a pilot is reduced to an electrical engineer. 🙄


I fully expect airlines to retire aircraft after only 10 or less years just to save money. One day a brand new 777X will be retired and scrapped in favor of a new contraption after just 4 flights

Ok but like who announces this five years in advance especially with how fast things in the aviation community change. Like they can give a 2 week notice on the retirement of their 777s but give 5 years notice on their other planes lmao

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NOO! We’re losing the 717! I absolutely despise that flying computer called the A220. Replacing so many planes. Luckily I already flew on the 712 so I can say that at least…


Wow last I heard delta was thinking about adding IFE to the 717’s. Not my favorite aircraft but I’m sad about the 767’s.

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At least it’s not the 757 too


Maybe not anymore. Haven’t heard anything since the one from a few months ago. I’d assume Boeing is continuing talks to sell any sort of Boeing aircraft to Delta at this point.

Exactly. Next Monday Delta could change their minds and retire the entire fleet. Although, I think this is significant because it’s the first time Delta has said anything on a time frame for the CRJ-200, 717, and 767-300ER retirements.

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This is really sad to hear! I have so many memories of flying this aircraft with SkyWest from my home airport of KBTM to KSLC, even back to my very young childhood…

I guess they’ll be replacing these with E175s? Kinda weird, as there aren’t many 50 seat aircraft on the market right now.

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Their 767’s are old and are REALLY showing their age these days. This is long overdue.