Delta to Offer New Features on IFE Systems

A revolution in the in-flight entertainment industry.

Delta Air Lines has announced new features for their in-flight entertainment at the CES 2020 technology conference. The highlight feature of these additions is the “binge button.” When selected, passengers will be able to stream their movies and television shows uninterrupted. Furthermore, new features such as “do not disturb,” “wake me for meal,” and a “recommended for you” list will be implemented, along with more gender-diverse content.

Delta has been one of the few airlines to focus on improving their IFE systems. Photo credit: Delta

In a press release, Delta Airlines’ Chief Marketing and Communications Officer Tim Mapes had this to say:

“Our research tells us that customers really enjoy and appreciate entertainment – it is their ultimate de-stressor in flight.”

Tim Mapes speaking at an event.

It appears Delta is making big steps toward the satisfaction of their passengers. With this revolution in the inflight entertainment industry, will we begin to see the previously mentioned features in other airlines? Was this a good move by Delta?



Delta is such a great airline, I love seeing what they are doing to improve their passenger experience. A+ for Delta


Thank you Ed, very cool!


Good stuff, I’m happy they are getting a wake me up for meal thing cuz I was a victim of missing some soba noodles on D1. Delta is doing very well with IFE as they have it in more aircraft then any other US mainline and imo the best quality. Can’t wait to see the new features


Yes this is AMAZING!!! I will hopefully be flying two long haul flights with delta this summer and am super excited for these features! Do you know when it will be installed/updated?

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This is awesome! I appreciate the new features. Delta’s IFE has never disappointed me.

I don’t get “gender-diverse” though.

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That’s my question as well; I mean, there are only two of them.


That sounds really cool so you can do everything from your seat!

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Gawd I love Delta for this very reason.

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Longest Delta flight I’ve flown in a long while was 20 minutes on an MD-88 with no IFE.

I’m looking forward to flying them again soon and testing out the IFE.

@Eseriess @anon38496261 A quote from the article:

”Moreover, these channels will receive the ReFrame Stamp standard, which marks that the programming features gender-balanced content.

Ultimately, the films must include female-identifying people in four of eight key areas of their production to qualify for this stamp. The roles include writers, directors, producers, leads, co-leads, speaking parts, department heads, and crew.”


Oh, okay makes sense.

Might be an attempt to gain some publicity. A big airline focusing on gender equality, they’re one of the first to really do that and so they might get some attention. But I don’t work at Delta so I wouldn’t know.

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Wait so will they only show movies that meet these qualifications, or will it just get a special stamp?

Their IFE is already outstanding - this’ll be make it one of the best in the world

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