Delta to DTW @ KLIT - 011915ZFEB19

Server: Training

Airport: KLIT

Time: 2019-02-02T01:15:00Z2019-02-02T03:15:00Z


NOTAM: Come in any plane circled below. The event starts at 7:15pm(CDT) & should take about 1h & 45m to 2 hours.

LIT Ground:
LIT Tower:

DTW Ground:
DTW Tower:

Lovely event you have made. However please check over this thread here to know how to effectively make an event.

Your title is formatted incorrectly. Please check the guidelines here.

I would also recommend changing this to the #live:groupflights category.

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And since you changed it to the #live:groupflights category, check the requirements here, which include no gates.
About the Group Flights Category

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Anybody else?

Ahh LIT-DTW 👀👀 my home airport🤷🏻‍♂️ I can tell you what really flies that route

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