Delta Testing Free Inflight Wi-Fi

Hey everyone, I’m pretty sure we have all been in a situation where we just board the aircraft, we look to connect to the Wi-Fi, only to see it is ridiculously expensive, it seems such as shame that one of the only places in the world where you are unable to get free Wi-Fi but Delta is looking to change that. Beginning on May 13th, 55 routes will be part of a pilot program to test free Wi-Fi on Delta aircraft. Personally, I’m so excited for something like this to happen, as Wi-Fi has basically turned into a human need!


I’m flying on them tomorrow we shall see!

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This has been a long time overdue in my books. I understand small domestic flights not having free in-flight but I feel like it should be included for international flights, especially considering the prices you sometimes pay for tickets.

It should be included in the cost for most international flights, I reckon.


I don’t care about wifi what is out the window has always been cooler to me.


Quite excited to see the outcome of this test!

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This seems good, but they may hike ticket fares up a little just to make up for it 😡

Definitely agree! For as much as we pay or airline tickets, even if they’re only hour long flights, we shouldn’t have to pay for WiFi on top of that. While we could go without WiFi for an hour (😜), flights that are 8-9hrs long definitely warrant some sort of connection.

Props on Delta for testing this out! I hope it goes well.

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I don’t think it’s over due, it’s a privilege not a right. I am appreciate of Delta for trying it and see how it goes!


While I certainly agree there, it’s common for everywhere to have free WiFi now (coffee shops, retail stores, shopping centers, etc) so why not bring it on planes too?

Regardless… glad it’s being tested out.


I certainly agree that it is a privilege and not a right. But my point on it should be included with the airfare still stands.

Most of the time you are paying a lot of money for any flight especially international so I believe it should be included free of charge for more expensive flights.

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I think free wifi is a great idea.

Qantas has implemented free wifi on many of its domestic routes, and I think it is great that Delta is leading the pack in the US.

I understand that on international flights, airlines may want to charge passengers, but they should really lower the prices.

I wont say that a flight is expensive!
Would you like to be back in the time where only rich people could fly because then it was expensive?

1953 a car was cheaper than one flight from Berlin to JFK, today the same is possible for 300€ so tickets are unbelievable cheap, you should be more thankful.

I am not rich, i am still learning but i fly with British Airways because i dont want to Support Ryanair because they are the reason why Airlines lose a lot of money.

I can only tell you, take a look to 1950’s prices and how they evolved until today and than you see how good it is to pay more thank low fare

Prices all depend on where you fly and where you’re flying from. Any international flight in Europe you can get cheaper but if you’re like me and live in Australia, then any international flight from Australia is reasonably expensive.

I wont say that, have been living in Adelaide, went to school there, and went back to europe some times and it wasn’t expensive, Frankfurt - Doha - Adelaide and Adelaide - Doha - Frankfurt (in total 4 flights) for 1000€, you need to book early or know the days where it gets cheap

I think you’ll change your mind on a 14hr flight ;D

Yeah, still…paying that amount and still paying for in-flight WIFI just doesn’t seem right to me. I know it’s a privilege and not a right, but you should have access to that privilege for paying that.


We all have a different opinion, in the end we will have it for free in the future, hopefully

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Tell that to the bare fare SPIRIT Airlines


My mom use to hate delta for having to go through Atlanta, but free WiFi might change her mind 😏😏

And you don’t want to fly through Atlanta why?
It’s great!!! And the spotting never disappoints