Delta Skyteam 767-300ER

The Delta Skyteam 767 is a beautiful Livery and would look great on the 767! Delta joined the Skyteam Alliance On June 22, 2000, which if you don’t know is the same exact day Skyteam had come into the aviation business. In my opinion, Delta is my favorite airline. I would fly it anywhere in the globe. What do You Think?


Credits For Picture


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I would recommend voting for your own topic. 🙂 Good luck.

I’d love this, but i think its pointless to vote for it at the moment, but trust me, when a 767-rework is on the table, you will have my vote!

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I get ya. Hopefully the 767 Rework comes out his year so this liver can come out!

Umm, Delta is an airline buddy, and please detail your feature requests in the future please. Information such as how Skyteam started out, or Delta, or the 767-300ER would be nice. BTW, your credits picture is just the same picture. Maybe do something like: