Delta’s Little “Hub”

Delta’s Little “Hub”

If you didn’t know Raleigh is Delta’s focus city along with other cities like Austin, Cincinnati, Nashville, and San Jose. Delta operates a 767 to Paris at this mini hub. And since @Bren_McDonell hosted an event at Raleigh, I decided to fly one of my most favorite routes, Raleigh to Paris.

Route details

Flight time: 7hrs 3min
Departure Time: 2019-11-23T20:07:00Z
Arrival Time: 2019-11-24T03:37:00Z
-RDU: 5L
-CDG: 8L

Rainy day at Raleigh. (In real life it was also raining)

Took off to Paris, busy day at Raleigh like always.

Landed in a foggy Paris


Great rain edit! I think you over edited the foggy Paris picture. But other than that, great job!

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Nice shots! Though that last one is a bit weird (Over-edited)

Anyways, love the first 2! Keep it up!

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I thought the rain trend was over… I guess not.

Awesome photos!

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@AlphaSeven @ButterAllDay I tried fixing up the Paris landing a bit…

@PlaneGeek it is never over