Delta Revises VDB/IDB Compensation Scheme


It looks like the airline industry is revising procedures to ensure enough people are giving up seats to prevent IDBs altogether. By being able to offer up to $2,000, general gate agents will be able to do so much more in preventing IDB situations. Interesting to see this implemented since this will raise the cost per VDB by a large margin. This goes to show that the underlying problems that caused the United incident could’ve happened elsewhere. Kudos to Delta for being proactive and offering more flexibility to ground staff to exercise their best judgement.


They better be ready to pay this out every single time then because from here on out no one in their right mind will take less.

No one that has heard about this will take less. I doubt Delta, however will be shouting this from the rooftops.

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While not everyone will know this policy the amount of national media attention to this policy change is basically yelling from the rooftops.

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Looks ill be booking my flight from heathrow to miami this summer!

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