Delta Relaunches Seattle To London Heathrow Route After Nearly 4 Years

Delta Relaunches Seattle To London Heathrow

Today, Delta Airlines which also has a home in Seattle, Washington just announced a re-launch of one of their Routes out of there. It stopped in 2017, and they are re-launching Seattle to London in April 2021. The service will be operated with 767-400 aircraft, which are fitted with the new Delta One seats, that are also found on the A350 and soon-to-be-former 777s.


Wow! I’m definitely looking forward to this!

The errors in that Simple Flying article… 🤦‍♂️

Anyways, it’s worth noting Delta is essentially axing its Portland to London route in favor of this Seattle to London route. Same aircraft, same frequency, but at the moment PDX-LHR won’t be operating next year.

Virgin Atlantic is currently scheduled at 11-weekly frequencies on London Heathrow to Seattle. I wouldn’t be surprised if Virgin Atlantic drops a few frequencies to balance out capacity between Delta and themselves with their joint venture.

If they don’t reduce, the Seattle to London Heathrow route from April 2021 and after will see 39-weekly frequencies among four airlines. In 2019, SEA-LHR was at 25-weekly frequencies. Right now, that’s a bit overkill with lower demand.



aight gonna get my camera ready


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