Delta Regional routes

@MDoor told me i need to work on my flying skills so I want to do flights with lots of take-offs and landings and I want to fly regional routes does anyone know the delta regional route network.

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You can easily narrow down short routes from this interactive route map.


@bbhusty , rather than flying the routes to get practice with landings and take offs, I would suggest doing pattern work so that you can get repetitive practice with both. This way you’ll be able to work on your landings and how to control them and your speed.


are there any delta milk runs

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No, the milk run is only by Alaska airlines and is not done by anyone else. It gots its name because the flight carried milk and other essentials around the small towns. Delta has nothing like this. If your dead set on doing a few flights and not pattern work, I would spawn to ATL and do turns to some cities close by. For example, when ATL was featured this week I did 2 turns to CHA and SAV. This meant I flew from Atlanta to Chattanooga and then right back. Same for Savannah. It’s a pretty fun way to get flight time and landings at once.

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