Delta proposes Minneapolis - Shanghai route

Delta Airlines is seeking goverment approval to fly a Minneapolis to Shanghai route. This comes at a time that many US carriers are pulling out of routes to China due to financial difficulties. Many members of the Minnesota business community have been seeking a direct route to China for a while and they might finally be able to fly it soon. This route will be operated by the Airbus A350.

My Opinion:
It is amazing to see another Asia destination added by Delta at MSP. Delta is the #1 airline here in the metro area and contributes a massive ammount to the local economy, in terms of jobs and taxes. This is the third route that Delta has added to destinations in Asia from MSP and will bring more people through the state. I also would love to see the A350 at my hometown airport as it is an amazing aircraft and will bring another widebody to MSP.



If delta wants it, I doubt the gov will block it…


I think the Chinese goverment will support it actually, as Delta has a pretty nice stake in China Eastern, giving them some leverage


I don’t see why the government will not approve this, plus we get an A350 at MSP!


Wait, Delta has stake in China Eastern?

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Oh wow, I was waiting for this to come. This will be my way to China!



YESSS, another route out of MSP would be amazing - I can’t believe how much MSP has grown in the past few years

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Yes they do, it is around 3.5%. Here is some more info:

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Finally I may get to see the a350 I go to kmsp a lot

How about you wait until JFK-PVG comes around on Delta A350?


I doubt they do it because of China Easterns fly JFK to PVG 2 to 3 times a day… and there also a codeshare but I got that money JFK to NRT on the A350

A350 at MSP? This needs to happen!


These traffic rights should come from 3x UA GUM-HKG (that’s over) and an addition x4 unallocated rights.

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