Delta plane slides off runway

there are probably better articles out there but this is the one i saw first.

here is another article


There was a Delta MD-88 that slid off the runway last year at LaGuardia.


This is crazy considering the exact same thing happened last year!


I think someone has created that topic already

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That one was about a Skywest operated Delta flight.

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Again?!? lol

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Why would they even attempt to land in such conditions? Seems like the outcome would be obvious.


oops, glad all the passengers are safe

Because every other plane landed fine? If everyone is scared of that kind of weather, then every airport in Canada would be shut down for about fives months a year because there is a little ice on the ground.

EDIT: Weather outside right now:

Come to Canberra, it feels like -50C without snow

Well that’s awkward…

Not that cold 😂

What’s the website, you used? Tell me in the VA chat

Had no idea there was a exit on the back of the plane

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Wow, I obviously didn’t take that into consideration. I live in Southern US so this whole “snow” thing is an alien concept to us. Thanks for the response.

I think this is beginning to be a tradition for Delta…sliding off runways during the holiday season.


You’ve obviously never been to Canada.
We had tons of snow yesterday, and the airport was still maintaining normal operations. Yes, deicing is normal.

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Everything was running quite normally here in YVR.

We got about 15cm of snow here in Toronto and everything was running, obviously with some delay though.

We had snow too, and operations weren’t affected. We got 10-15 cm too.