Delta placed orders for 25 Airbus A350-900

The widebody aircraft for delivery beginning in mid-2017



That’s photoshopped right?

Interesting. Good photoshop, but the winglet gave it away.


As well as the engines and colours,

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Delta ordered 25 A350-900 check google.

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Yes it is photoshoped😢

I saw it just looking up the A350XWB

Sure did @Daniel_Cerritos

Thanks anyway

Delta has more planes in Infinite flight than any other airline. I guess the devs really like delta lol.

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I actually love the A350 but Delta looks horrible on it😳


I think it’s just the model on this topic because the other images look nice and I feel every livery suits the A350

I don’t think they would leave Boeing and buy Airbus. Do they even have Airbus aircrafts??

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This has been news on since March I believe. It was a news story with a combined announcement of Delta ordering A330-900neos. Delta looks great in any aircraft, imho. Can’t wait to see their livery in actuality on the A350!

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Delta operates the Airbus a319, a320, a321, (I think they have some a330-200s) and a330-300


I feel the same about the 787. I hope it will grow on me

This is great news! The more orders Airbus gets, the happier I am. Maybe I can catch this beauty when it’s at Hamburg Finkenwerder.

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The Airbus A350 seems to be an aircraft with a bright future :)

Why airlines keep ignoring the gorgeous 787?! :( at least buy one variant!

Old news actually ;)

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