Delta Pilot arrested for drunk flying

On December 7th 2019 a Delta Airlines pilot was arrested at KMSP after police found that he discarded a 1.75 L bottle of Vodka in the washroom. He later admitted to drinking before the flight.

Wow this is a big Yikes


December 2019

Seems a bit late to me…

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Only in Delta.
(I have lots of experience with Delta so I can say this)

Delta dumping fuel on schools and now this???

:( anyway, time to switch to AA

This is not something that happened recently. Additionally the initial post is a bit plain and lacking information. If you want this to stay open I suggest you add more detail.

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This was a long time ago. At least by news standards.


Bruh this was July


Kind of old news now, and it’s an unfortunate incident showing an extremely poor lapse in judgement on the pilot’s behalf.