Delta One Review Boeing 757 Transatlantic | A Narrowbody Transatlantic!

Delta One Boeing 757 (Boston-Edinburgh)

Ladies and Gentleman, welcome to today’s trip report! Today, we start our journey in Boston Logan international airport, we will be taking a trip over to Edinburgh, Scotland! There aren’t too many flights from the United States to Scotland, so most of the flights are operated by either Boeing 757 aircraft or 767 aircraft. Instead of connecting to London, we decided to connect through Boston up from West Palm Beach. Today, I am flying the Delta Boeing 757 across the Atlantic. Some Delta 757s are fitted with first class, but others are fitted with their business class, delta one. This one was equipped with Delta one. Also, I want to know that I will be posting trip reports every other day now, because I want to keep you guys entertained, but I also want to make sure that I have enough trip reports to last for a while, so that’s why I’ll be posting every other day.

Even though I did have lounge access, today I decided not to go to the lounge, because we had a very tight connection. Now, as we board our plane to Scotland, let me introduce you to the plane. The registration of our plane is N707TW, a Boeing 757. Delta One on the 757 is in a 2-2 configuration. I’ll seats go to a flatbed, but you will be sharing a room with someone else.

Waiting at the seat, were pillows, and a blanket. Now, I didn’t find them to be that comfortable and there was no mattress pad for the seat.

Delta also had in-flight magazines, and safety guard waiting at the seat. Because of the coronavirus, delta has eliminated the magazine for now, but it will be back soon.

To the right of the seat, you’ll find power outlets, and USB.Also to the right of the seat, you’ll find the adjustments that make the seat a fully flat bed. The bed was sort of comfortable, but it could’ve been padded a little bit better.

As standard on a Delta flight, there’s personal entertainment screens and every seat. They were fine, but sometimes a little slow. On the bright side, they were very large and they offered plentiful selection.

Also at the seat, was an amenity kit. It was stocked very nicely, and I really appreciated it. This is one of the last good things I’ll have to say about the author in this review. Now, I’d like to say goodbye to the Delta fans!

If I have to give a score for catering on a flight, this one would rank zero out of 10. It was absolutely disgusting I may almost call it in edible. It was that bad. The ice cream was almost frozen solid, the photo below was taken almost 30 minutes after ice cream was served, and it was still very hard at the time. And the flight attendants didn’t help either, they weren’t that nice and they just did their job. Nothing out of the way to make us happy, if anything they didn’t want to be there and they seem like they just wanted to get off the plane.

So, what’s my concluding thoughts about Delta? Their product and service may be better on the A350 or A330NEO, But I’m reviewing the 757. And I’m only basing this off my own experience, but I just liked it. I don’t think I’d ever want to do it again. You have to remember though, I don’t take my traveling for granted, and I choose to review based off of my own opinion. Now, delta is usually a decent airline, but this let me down. This will forever change my perception on delta. Thanks for reading the review! Please vote below to tell me what airline I should review next!

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How’d you find out who my local physician is? Dr. 757 is one heck of a doctor though.

Autocorrect lol


I know, just wanted to poke some fun at it haha. Haven’t finished reading yet but it looks very professional and well done!

Thank you!

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Awesome trip report again

You guys weren’t served a salad or appetizer? Just the main course, bread, and dessert?

Catering is limited due to COVID right now across the board.

I think this was before COVID?

Cuz Delta launched BOS-EDI last year for the summer season only and I’m pretty sure it was suspended this year

He said this.

Sounds like this review was post-March due to the comment he made here

@IanD @ThomasThePro @Ishrion, This flight was taken in fall of 2019

This was before the coronavirus

Why were safety magazines restricted due to the coronavirus? Did you mix up flights?

I was served that, But it was so disgusting, I didn’t even wanna put it in here. 😂

No, there was a safety card and a magazine in the picture. I have not flown Delta since the coronavirus.

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Basically, what I was saying, is that right now, there is no magazine, but back then when I flew, there was

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Oh, mis-read it then.

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Glad to hear you enjoyed it!

Airlines give mattress pads?

Some. It depends