Delta One on an A350-900 (SLC-ATL

Over the weekend, I had the chance to experience Delta’s most premium cabin, Delta One. Considering I wasn’t going to pay $3500 to fly it across the Atlantic, Delta blessed us with a few domestic A350 flights, and I got it done and dusted


The plane I took was N510DN, ship number 3510. Built in 2018, it has flown for Delta since.


The seat was very comfortable. It was large enough to fit me, and wide enough to fit two of me. In full recline mode, it stretches to 76 inches in length, which was enough for me


The lunch service consisted of a choice of sandwich, a bag of chips, and a cookie, along with bottomless drinks. I had gone for the Italian Ham Sandwich, which was very good


The in flight entertainment was amazing. There was a lot to choose from, and the screen was very large



Overall, the flight was amazing. I was very happy I decided to go on this flight.
Seat: 8/10
Food: 9/10
IFE: 10/10
Plane: 10/10

Bonus: an angry @Hopperbolic working at B04 on the ramp


That is nice. I have flown on Delta countless times but I have never gotten a better seat other than the main cabin. Hope you enjoyed that relaxing flight!

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I did enjoy it. Only real complaint was the side paneling of my seat

Wow! Your lucky! During the flight did you try out all the features of the seat? Too bad about the loose panel though.😕

Delta has great service and IFE, but the seat itself is really bad for a business class product on a wide body. Delta one really is a disappointment in my opinion. The food looked really good though!

I did. The leg raising thingy was broken when the rest of the seat was in full upright mode, but if I moved the seat forward, it was fine. I tried to take a nap but the sunset took too long and I took about 100 pictures of it

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Only real comparison I can make is to Lufthansa’s business class on a 747-8. I thought this seat was miles better. Not only is there direct aisle access at every seat, but there was a lot more personal space

The sandwich was very good. The bread wasn’t dry and hard like it can be sometimes on flights

Wow, that looks like a nice seat! Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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Man that Ben guy sure is angry 🤣

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