Delta One A350 (PVG-LAX)

During winter break, I traveled to Shanghai for a vacation/school trip. I’ve been to Shanghai numerous times, but I’ve never flown Delta, and certainly not in Business Class. (I’ve previously flown Hainan, American, United, and Northwest).

I’ve recently decided to stick with Delta on all my travel plans, and I definitely recommend them over other mainline U.S. carriers due to various reasons, (but I still love the others)

Anyways, Here are a few pictures of this flight. If you’ve ever wondered what Delta’s A350 is like, then hopefully this post can inform you :)


-Flight time: 10hrs (exact)
-Seat: 5D (Delta One)
-Aircraft: Delta A350-900 (N509DN)
-Date: Jan 2nd, 2019

Seat 5D

Ready to push at Terminal 1 gate 19 at PVG

Takeoff!! (The thrust is almost visable in this picture)

Food: (Not the tastiest, but decent)

Sunrise out in the middle of the Pacific:

Descending into LAX (Beautiful views of downtown)
And Landing on 24R

I asked to see the cockpit

Views at LAX!

A Quick Review

This is, by far, the best flight I have ever been on by a long shot. I have a bad tendency to fall in love with any new aircraft I fly (Previously the 764 and 763), so now, I’m in love with the A350. Besides the obvious elegance with the mask and the winglets and such, the A350 is surprisingly quiet, (But the takeoff roar is still magnificent). And although not on 787 level, the A350 has much larger windows than any other Airbus and most Boeing aircraft. Perfect for those of you who glue your head to the window for a flight.

Now, let’s talk about the product.
Way back at Shanghai, I had access to the China Eastern Business Class lounge. However, I didn’t enjoy this very much. Food was very limited in variety, drinks were lukewarm, and the lounge itself was unbearably stuffy. There were some pretty snazzy massage/relaxation chairs, but I didn’t have an opportunity to use them. Also, if you are someone looking for a view of the airport, the China Eastern Lounge is the worst place to do so. All you get to see is the roof of the airport (and maybe the occasional departing aircraft).

Upon boarding the plane, I was treated with a pre-departure drink, and my dinner preference was recorded. I was traveling with a considerable amount of carrying on, and being the last Delta One customer to board, I couldn’t find any room for both of my bags. I ended up stuffing my backpack underneath my seat. Delta provides bottled water, an amenity kit (which I never opened), a pair of nice noise canceling headphones, slippers, and a good amount of bedding (the pillows were fantastic).

The food onboard this specific flight wasn’t particularly appetizing, but better than economy food in general. I had stuffed myself full in the lounge before takeoff, so I never fully enjoyed the meals onboard. Delta serves fantastic ice cream, but poor me didn’t have the stomach space to eat anymore.

Delta provides a fantastic variety of movies and tv shows on their IFE product, however, I spent most of my flight working and staring out the window.

The descent and landing into LAX were rather uneventful and smooth and allowed some beautiful views of downtown Los Angeles and the mountains behind.

It was almost painful having had to leave such a wonderful aircraft and seat behind, but the purser let me snag a peek at the cockpit on my way out.

A many thanks to the very professional delta crew on this specific flight, and many others I have flown on. They’re always super friendly and willing to help you out if needed.

If any of you community members are considering Delta One or the A350 for a future flight, I HIGHLY recommend. I hope it’s obvious why I do.

Happy Flying everyone,
and Happy New Year!


Very nice post! I enjoyed the photos!


Very nice! Wish I had the chance to fly the A350!


That seems fun. I love the plane but I am still and will always be a Boeing fan boy. GO 787


The 787 is a fantastic aircraft too! I flew Hainan’s 787-8, and was definitely not disappointed.

Lovely review! Hopefully I’ll get to try this one day, look amazing!

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Nice review you’ve got there! Looks like a fun flight!

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Lovely review, though I’m a United Polaris frequent flier, I have been wanting to try DeltaOne for a while now…


If you do, be careful which aircraft you fly. Only the A350 and select 772s sport this new product at the moment, Of course, with more to come.

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Gotcha, thanks!

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Very nice review, I do hope I would be able to fly Delta soon.

I highly suggest you do! All Delta products are incredible (I would, however, try avoiding the 764, as it hasn’t been retrofitted yet)

The nice thing about Delta though, is that all the domestic flights have the same seats as those on the a350 or the 777! So good luck in your future travels!

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I’ll be travelling to New York next year, Delta flys a 764 to Heathrow. I’ll most probably be flying BA or Virgin.

Glad you enjoyed flying Delta and our A350. I love flying on it too :-)


I’m glad you chose Deta for travel! I love flying them in business class for overseas flights, but have yet to try the Deta One Suites on the A350 and 777! I can’t wait, and thank you for giving me a preview! 😁👍

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Ahh thank you very much! Your a350 is a perfect flagship aircraft! Now all we need is a350s in Madison.

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I feel almost spoiled now, but I hope I’ve got many more Delta One flights ahead of me! I really hope they install suites on their other Long haul planes (the 767 would be fun).

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The suites will be on the 777, A330, and 764. The ones on the 764 will not be full suites though because of size restrictions.


The 764 will get them, along with the A330 and 777.

What sort of configuration? 1-1-1? Or 1-2-1 like they have right now?