Delta Now Has Some American Competition in the South African Market

Just recently United Airlines (UAL) announced a new long haul flight from Newark, New Jersey USA to Cape Town, South Africa. Currently the only US based airline to serve South Africa was Delta with a flight from Atlanta. The new UA flight will be a seasonal service during the winter months of the northern hemisphere. The 14.5hr flight is to be operated by a 787-9 and will commenced operations for the 2019-2020 winter season with a proposed upgrade in frequency for the 2020-2021 season. Read more about this flight here: United Airlines Inaugurates Non-Stop Cape Town Service


Hmm. Interesting, very interesting.

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They already have competition which is the National Carrier of SA and UA is only around during winter. I still see DL and SA as the main carriers

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They now have American competition that is.

The flight already began on December 15?

Pretty excited to see United expanding though! They flew to Africa as recent as 2016, but ended flights to Nigeria which effectively cut all routes to Africa. If this route does well, which I’m sure it will, we might begin seeing new routes to Africa!


Wording’s kinda weird here making it sound like the flight will begin next year in 2020.

That’s what I had read but there are flights available now.
Edit: fixed the dates, it is supposed to be a frequency upgrade for 2021. Flights started this year.

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There are, the inaugural flight landed in Cape Town yesterday

On Sunday, United Airlines debuted its first flight to Cape Town from New York

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