Delta | New York to Washington D.C. | E170

Today I was accepted into a wonderful VA, as a requirement, I had to fly with an instructor to test my flying skills.

 Server: Expert

 Callsign: Delta 019VA

 Route: John F. Kennedy International (KJFK) to Ronald Reagan National (KDCA)

 Flight number: DL4040

 Important: (Pictures include features of 21.1 beta testing)

Picture 1:

Ground services preparing our re-textured E170 for a short hop!

Picture 2:

Rotating out of busy JFK!

Picture 3:

Banking away from NYC.

Picture 4:

Cruising 2,000 feet above a thick cloud layer!

Picture 5:

Passing Baltimore, receiving vectors for the river visual approach at DCA.

Picture 6:

Final banking to align with the runway.

Picture 7:

Touchdown at DCA with @Mdoor and @Carlos_Camacho parked at the terminal!

Picture 8:

Flight DL4040 has now arrived the gate with rush hour at the terminal!

Bonus shot:

Tailshot with an A330 departing.

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Thanks for taking your time to watch these pictures! This flight was very special since it was my first flight for this incredible VA. I want to specially thank @Swan, @United2, @Rhys_V, and @Francisco_Rivera for the amazing ATC job, and @Mdoor for making this test/checkride flight possible.


Picture 5 was the best of course, since I was vectoring you… 😂. Hope you enjoyed the river visual!


Of course I enjoyed it! Thank you so much for the ATC!

Awesome pics!! Glad you are now in DLVA, friend!!

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Thank you so much for everything and the ATC my friend!


Eeeeeeeeee Jetssssss

This update definitely gave them a great improvement!

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Indeed! The new textures made them look like brand new modeled aircrafts!

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Amazing photos!
21.1 is 🔥

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Thanks! I agree, 21.1 is amazing!

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Awesome pictures😍 love it

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Thank you so much!

Great Pictures! Welcome to DLVA :)

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Thank you so much! I’m so glad to be part of DLVA!

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I like this very much :)

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Thank you so much! I’m glad you liked them!

love the pictures! DLVA is a great VA. Welcome:)

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Those were some great pictues, flying into my home airport. Good stuff

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glad I could help, I like the pictures :)

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Thank you so much! DCA never gets boring, you have a nice airport as home airport.

Thank you!

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