Delta New business class: Delta One

Delta recently released its brand new business class Delta One, to be premiered on their A350’s which will arrive in September next year. They will flow on the A350’s before being added on to their 777 fleet. They were made to compete with United’s new Polaris Business class.





After seeing these I think they are revolutionary as most bits here are for First class but being presented for business on Delta an airline that has had some issues with their business class a few years ago. If you ask me this could be an award winner.

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The only amenity I care about really is legroom, and on longer flights, being able to lay down! This is exactly what I like, additionally, it’s the same price as the business class prices.


TBH the seats don’t look very comfortable.


They’re supposed to have memory foam cushions and be 23-24 inches wide. What more could you want from a seat?


Lol they don’t look comfortable but they might be. Just saying


I’m happy enough with Delta Comfort. Legroom, legroom, legroom.

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The most luxurious seat in Economy is over the emergency exit. That’s it.

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Basically their 767 business seat but with walls on all 4 sides and bigger, so really, it’s going to feel like a coffin when fully flat.

Honestly if you ask me the best thing about this seat is the PRIVACY SCREENS (Its a suit, something like most first classes)

It will be interesting to see how this stacks up against the United Polaris Business Class in the future.

Finally something that might make me like about American Carriers

The fact that American has 5 different herringbone style seats really bothers me for some reason. The 777-300ER has the Cathay Pacific seat, the A321 transcontinental has the unmodified version of the CX Zodiac seat, the 787-8 and part of the 777-200ER fleet have the failed forward-backward seat, the A330 has the US Airways seat, and the A350, 787-9, and the rest of the 777-200ER fleet will have the B/E Aerospace seat.

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United Polaris still wins for me. I like the walk in bar thing and the ambience.


Made sense that Delta, the best US carrier, can’t have United, the Third best US carrier, to have a better business class. Delta One and Polaris. Wonder what American will do. But I like Polaris

A little boxy.

Delta have always been decent.

Yeah, we got upgraded to Economy+, best seating ever, especially on the MD-88. I love DAL.

Even the economy seats on the MD88s are very good

Well except if your in the last 5 or so rows. You can hear and fell everything for the expense of seeing nothing.