Delta MD-80 and MD-90 Last Flight - June 2nd

Aviation lovers, join me in a moment of silence and the playing of Taps.

Delta’s last MD-80 and MD-90 flights will happen June 2nd. The last MD-90 flight, “DL90”, will arrive in Atlanta, from Houston, at approximately 9:00 AM EST. The last MD-88 flight, “DL88”, will arrive from Washington Dulles at approximately 10:00 AM EST.

Delta Newsroom article:

I am incredibly sad to see the last American passenger operator of these magnificent aircraft retiring them. The Maddog will live in the hearts of pilots and aviation enthusiasts everywhere.

What do you think of the retirement?


It’s so sad to be lose iconic aircraft that have helped airlines for many years! 😣

Also, hate to be the guy, but @Ishrion beat us all to it again…
Delta Retiring The MD-88 and MD-90 Early - Final Flight June 2, 2020


Oh God. I’ve a road trip to get on.
Hearing the roar of those engines, watching them blast the houses adjacent to McCarran airport with their smoke on approach, and then watching its impossibly steep climb into the air… that’s gonna be all gone now. She will be sorely missed.

On a side note, are tickets available for that flight?

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