Delta Mariano Rivera 757-200

Hello Infinite Flight Community! First off, I’m sure we can ok agree that the current 757 rework is beyond exciting. One thing I would like to address is liveries. Throughout the previous aircraft reworks and additions, I have seen some cool liveries that the Infinite Flight developers have added. I was thinking that it would be cool if Infinite Flight could add the Delta 757-200 livery that honors Mariano Rivera, along with the regular Delta livery on the 757. Yes, I am aware that Infinite Flight will not be able to add every airline livery due to storage and stuff like that. But if the developers are gonna put a few special liveries or designs, I think some of us can agree that the Delta 757 with Mariano Rivera’s signature and number would look nice. Not to mention that I’m a huge Yankees fan as I’m from New York. Thanks for reading this and please feel free to add your vote!😀

I was gonna look for this request! It’s so subtle but so cool for someone that is a huge baseball fan, I would give it a vote but they said that the 757 liveries are already decided


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