Delta Launches Fort Lauderdale to Los Angeles Flights

Delta Launches Fort Lauderdale to Los Angeles Services!

After a long period of time (years), Delta Airlines has plans to resume Los Angeles to Fort Lauderdale service round-trip starting in November 2020. The service will take place with a Boeing 737-800 aircraft. Specifically, the service starts on November 20. The service will also compete with three of their biggest competitors. It will compete with JetBlue, Alaska, and spirit.

The prices are below.
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Wait-and-see. Wait and see

SNA needs quicker turn around times. Airlines complain about there not being enough slots

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As you guys obviously can tell, the service hasn’t started yet and it’s after November 20. After some digging, I found out that do you know your flight was canceled due to Covid. There’s no official news reporting on this, but I was able to find the real knock your flight which will happen on March 2, 2021

I’m still surprised that Delta hasn’t started this route sooner.

They used to operate this route via Dallas with the L-1011 back in the 80s.


This was actually a thing a number of years ago. I think it was retired back in 2013 maybe… They left it up to jetBlue, spirit, and Virgin America were the only 3 who were flying this route for a while, until Alaska soon added the route once they had a Los Angeles hub (former VX)

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It was nonstop for a few years, but he never did so well. I have faith in this one.

Wow, those are some low prices! But, Alaska went even lower. I got their “Saver” fare for 72 dollars on the FLL - LAX route.

JetBlue also has some very low prices as well as Spirit Airlines

Crazy times… Never seen a legacy carrier drop prices below 100…

Agreed, but Delta is in the best position of the three big carriers to be doing price drops like this so I see why they’re doing it. They must have some kind of data showing that plenty of people going from Fort Lauderdale to Los Angeles flew them through Atlanta and that there was enough demand

They’re showing a lot of love to FLL right now. At this point we get daily 757-300’s and 767’s from Atlanta and Detroit. They are also renovating their entire terminal.

Alaska was selling LAX-FLL for $49 up until last night. Crazy times.

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American was selling DFW-MIA starting at $26 back in October.

It appears that this flight will now be launched on March 2.

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