Delta L-100 Air Freighter

(Photo Credit: codeonemagazine)

All but forgotten in modern aviation circles, the Lockheed L-100 was the civilian version of the C-130 Hercules. A total of 114 aircraft were produced between 1964 and 1992. Looking for a replacement for its aging piston-engined cargo aircraft, Delta decided to purchase three L-100s directly from Lockheed in 1966. They could operate from unimproved short strips and carry bulky loads, not possible with the airline’s passenger fleet of the time.

(Photo Credit: deltaflightmuseum)

Painted in full Delta colors, these aircraft were used to deliver next-day freight from Atlanta to locations across the US. They were also used to ferry aircraft engines and spare parts throughout Delta’s system. The versatile L-100s were used until 1973, when Delta received its first wide-bodied aircraft. With increased cargo-hauling capacity, they signaled the end of Delta’s L-100 operations. In its C-130 form, this aircraft is still in service with military operators throughout the world. This is not a feature request, just some aviation history that I wanted to share.


I have to say that if this was a feature request, it would be quite a nice one.

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If the C-130 is ever redone I hope we see this, along with Lynden and a ton of other civilian Hercs added!


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