Delta Hop with CRJ-900

I want to do hops even though I’m not in a VA I still like doing hops like this
Total flight time 2:34 minutes


Cool idea! I love doing flights like this. My only problem, and I don’t know if this affected you at all or not, but the CRJ family on IF is very hard to fly and control. I will only do flights with them once they have been reworked. Let me know if you have any ideas on how to make them fly better now before they are reworked.

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Well I will usually land at a speed around 155 or short runway 135-145


Some nice pictures that you have here. Unfortunately however, the post does not adhere to the Screenshots and Videos category rules as an aircraft box is displayed. As per the category rules (linked below), all HUD views, display names, aircraft boxes etc. need to be hidden.

Feel free to re-take the photo with the aircraft boxes hidden in order to adhere to the category rules.

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Ok thanks for letting me know I will change that rn

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I’m in a flight rn so I will change it after

Hey Declan :)

Is this the aircraft box you are talking about?


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Yes, that’s the one.

I don’t have a sub atm so I’ve been doing that in two regions. I’ve logged a few hours with the crj200 and I figured out the good settings for me. I persobally use trim 30% ob landing and 20% on takeoff. I can easily land with around 130kts and not slam it

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@Finnishboy I also don’t currently have a subscription. Thank you for the advice.

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I did island hopping with realistic routes in Hawaii on Mokulele C208 and recently I’ve done realistic flights up and down California

@moderators You can close this.

Fun trip report! The MSP-RHI flight is normally operated by a CRJ-200, but the other day they changed it for their new summer schedule, so will now use the CRJ-700.

Delta retired their CRJ-200’s so they most likely just switched it out for the CRJ-700.

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I just wanted to get some hours in and not switch planes

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