Delta has an opportunity to expand regional services

In the COVID times, no one would ever think that this would happen. But its 2020 and its happening. Delta is looking to expand its regional services in early 2021 using mostly their Airbus A220’s.
They will be looking to expand to smaller cities that have recently been cut by American and/or United
Delta found this opportunity and they thought that it could bring in some cash. So why not?
This will be happening in early 2021. So they are coming



The Article


I thought this would bring up a lot of controversy but I was wrong

I find this funny.

They suspended flights to Manchester, NH (KMHT) and haven’t told us when they’d be coming back.

They also asked the airport to get an A220 towbar and paint the A220 stopping line at their gates. If they don’t come back, it’ll be a waste of the airport’s money buying a towbar for an A220 that’ll never come.

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