Delta Grounded

A computer outage has grounded all delta flights…

Check out @DeltaNewsHub’s Tweet:


Oh good I can see this down here in ATL 😱

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That is a crazy amount of flights. :o


Should be noticeable at Terminal 3 at JFK.


LAX is a mess…

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First SWA now DAL?!

Is t that another place where delta flies ?

Yes, Delta is out of terminals 5&6 - for us IF LAX people who fly delta, that would be gates 50-59 on terminal 5 and then they have the option to use terminal 6 which is 60-69. However terminal 6 is primary used by Alaska Airlines, Allegiant Air, Continental Airlines, Copa Airlines, Frontier Airlines, Horizon Air, and United. Terminal 6 is kinda LAX’s runoff terminal. When the other terminals don’t have gates they will assign airplanes to come in to terminal 6.

Makes sense since LAX has 1,796 flights go through it everyday. Or plane going down one of their 4 runways every 50 seconds. Whichever statistic sounds better ;-)


Delta Airlines has said a ground stop has been lifted and a number of departures have begun following a major computer crash.

The US company has confirmed some flights are now taking off after a power outage caused its IT systems to crash, leaving passengers stranded at airports around the world as scheduled flights were not taking off.

It confirmed the news on Twitter: “Delta ground stop has been lifted & limited departures resuming following power outage in ATL that impacted Delta computer systems.”

In a statement, the airline said customers should still expect delays and cancellations because of the more than three hour halt caused by a computer breakdown at its hub in Atlanta.

The firm also said there may be some lag time in the display of accurate flight status and that a travel waiver for customers travelling today through to 12 August is in effect.

Frustrated passengers stuck in check-in queues at airports have been expressing their outrage on social media.

Jake Chen tweeted: “1 hr.+ lines @HeathrowAirport for @Delta due to system outage oldschool manual ticketing.”

Amanda Jackson said: “Chaos trying to check in @Delta Heathrow t3. Been in queue for 1.5 hours. You seriously need to open more desks to overcome technical hitch.”

Blue Stone tweeted: “Delta lines backed up and not moving” as lines to check-in snaked through the terminal at Baltimore Washington International airport.

Customers are still being advised to check the status of their flight before heading to the airport.

A Heathrow spokesman said: “Check-in is currently operating using a backup system and airport staff are on hand to assist any passengers that are impacted by the delays.”

A Virgin Atlantic spokeswoman said their flights were departing as normal, but that some of their customers could be “booked on a codeshare ticket” with Delta.

The spokeswoman added: “If so, customers should check the status of their flights.”

The airline began in 1924 as a crop-dusting operation. It now serves nearly 180 million travellers, according to website.

Sky News

Looks like the latest figures are 451 cancelled flights in the ~6000 scheduled today. Not a good day to be in any department in DL, compensation claims incoming…

We had 6 delta planes on the ground here In PANC this morning.

Also here in LAX too. News reported it.

This is what happens to them for discriminating the Muslim couple.


Lol I was waiting for someone to bring that up.


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