Delta Global routes Database (Under construction)

Delta VA is proud to announce that we are putting together a global route database for all Delta routes to prepare for the release of Global. The project is being undertaken by Delta VA with realistic flight numbers, routes, aircraft used generally used on the route, estimated fuel needed, flight duration, and flight distance. We also plan on including a search function once the database is completed a search function will be provided for all the route you are looking for. This database will consist of over the 1000 routes Delta serves. While the project is being done for Delta VA, we will release the full database on this thread once the project is complete. Currently our database team is

ATL and JFK - @CaptJackson
DTW- @Brandon_K
MSP,CVG- @r3life
LAX, SEA, SLC- @anon2063420
LGA- @Captain_Trigger21
BOS, AMS, CDG- @Drew_Minnis
STAR/SID charts- @CaptCurt

We look forward to providing this service for all of the IFC community and especially Delta VA and Delta Air Lines fans.
If you wish to join our VA to fly for us and be apart of our weekly Database updates you can go to our Delta VA thread here

USA007 and the Delta VA database team


Great job to all Delta VA members involved!

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Working hard on all the routes! DTW is 1/3 way done!


Delta VA will be having our Global routes database complete by the end of next week. With this Database, all Delta VA pilots will be able to search for a route from any of our hubs to any destination flown by the real Delta VA, with fuel planning (if needed), and fly the real route as flown in real life. This is being done in preparation for the release of Global.


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