Delta from Hollywood to the Golden Gate.

Welcome to my post everyone :)!
This was a relatively short flight from Los Angeles to San Fransisco in the beautiful Delta Airbus A321, I hope you enjoy the shots ;) .

Flight info:
Route: KLAX - KSFO
Aircraft: Airbus A321
Airline: Delta
Flight time: 1:25
Server: Solo

Time for the shots! (Slightly edited.)

“Briefing complete, pushback checklist up next” With passenger boarding complete, we are almost ready to push back.

Delta 218, line up and wait runway 25RGetting ready for takeoff!

“V1, rotate.” Leaving 25R at LAX, goodbye Los Angeles.

“Ladies and gentleman we have reached our cruising altitude, it is now safe to walk around the cabin.” Nice view of a solar farm near Shandon. (I think.)

“Gear down.” On final for runway 28R at SFO.

“Reversers out.” Touchdown on 28R!

Delta 218 please expedite.Exiting runway 28R, welcome to San Fransisco everyone!

“Shutdown checklist now.” Shutting down the engines after an amazing flight.

Thank you for viewing my topic, I liked doing this since my subscription ran out so this was a nice “project”.

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And here it ends, once again thanks for reading ;) .


If I missed anything, don’t be afraid to inform me ;) .

Nice photos

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Thanks :) .

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I wouldn’t say they’re perfect xD.


They are beautiful Tim Tim

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Thank you.

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Nice 👌 picture 5 gets the vote for me

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Great shots!
Those are actually fields, not Solar farms.
Mostly Citrus and Nuts between Bakersfield and Fresno in the central valley.