Delta FLT 199 SEA-ICN


well part of my international travel was finally flying on a 767 from SEA-ICN. Both stops were connections. The flight to Korea ended up being 14 hours long. I sat right behind the engine this round on a window seat. This aircraft was 2-3-2 config!
We ended up being delayed on the ground in SEA for about 45 minutes due to loading delays

The crew was nice and friendly, but it’s probably cause I bought the team for boxes of chocolates lol

Our first meal in flight we had several options, I went with the beef which had kimchi first time trying that which was to spicy for me we also had Ben and Jerry’s The American dream ice-cream.

The sun didn’t not set as we traveled west past Russia, we followed the sun the entire time though we had our shades shut inside

Every once in a while when we would fly over some sort of land mass i would see if I could see anything

Our final meal onboard was a burrito with rice and broccoli, the group I am traveling with didn’t enjoy it I liked it. The food box came with pineapple and a kit kat bar.

We flew over S. Korea and arrived 3 pm local, over all fun flight, long the crew allowed us hang out with them in the back of the Galley which was super nice! They fed us cheese cake and we got to know one another.

This was my quick review of Delta, I actually would fly them again!


Would you prefer the 767 again, or something newer like A350?


I actually enjoyed it, thought I would try the 350 since it’s probably quieter. When IcelandAir introduced their 767 a few years back we were scheduled to fly it but they changed the routing so, I was so happy I could finally fly on the 767, I flew on a 330 to my final stop and that was quieter then the 76


Also, I seen earlier that you continues on with an A330 to Myanmar I believe. Will you make a flight report about that flight as well? I am very interested.


I will, I have one picture of dinner rest of the time I was sleeping lol, flying over 20+ hours with no sleep finally got to me


The 767 is beautiful. If we hadn’t just gotten a Dreamliner it would be my favorite plane that flies to KPIT. Unfortunately Delta pulled there service, but @RotorGuy got to fly on the plane that did the last flight between here and Paris. So a little full circle I guess… 🤷🏻‍♂️


Nice trip report!The food looks delicious

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It wasn’t to bad!

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Nice trip report baggage handlers in that airport not the brightest forgot to unload the cargo hold The flight I came in a month ago.

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Typical seattle

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Wow, never know the 767 ran this route. Thought it would’ve been a 772 as it seems like a high demand route.

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I liked because you gave me a good reason to slack off and enjoy some Ice Cream. <3


Great trip report, though. Once flew on the 767 for American, and I’ve been in love ever since. Would definitely fly on one again. Thanks for sharing! :)


They have a 350 that runs this route also, if we didn’t make our connecting flight (due to Delta not having a gate agent driving the bridge) we probably would of been on that


Oh that’s a bummer. The a350 looks beautiful though.

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Saw a few of them in SEA! Maybe one day


I see the queen of the sky as well BA must be higher demand coming up to the summer replacing out the 777-200.


The Pittsburgh-Paris route will never be forgotten

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Asiana would be my first choice if flying to Seoul

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I’m surprised you eaven care tbh… 😂

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I could never forget that, it along with the CVG, IND, and RDU they are very unique routes. Very sad that the one they ended was from your home airport PIT :-(

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