Delta Flight Museum & Lunch at KATL!


I’ll check that out thanks


It’s 500 something for an hour but they just finished training and left me take off, go around, and land for free!


Damn so actual training


Do you mean like actual pilot training? That’s not what this is for. It’s a sim of the 737-200, which delta doesn’t operate. It is for AVGEEK use, but they were doing a test flight and then let me try


Very lucky you got to go here!


Yeah, I may have been standing right outside trying to watch, but who’s to say if that helped 🤷🏻‍♂️


Did you stay at the hotel with the runway view


I haven’t had an opportunity to stay there yet, though I’m planning on it, but that restraunt above is the hotel


Yeah you would like it you can see the whole airport 😉👍


I’ve heard lots about it, and hope to stay there soon. It sounds incredible


lucky always wanted to go


I’m so jelly 😩 I wanna go so bad. Delta is bae 😍😋


Same. I love delta. Flying with them twice this year!