Delta Flight Museum & Lunch at KATL!


Some shots of the queen, the 717, and the museum itself

After that I went to lunch. If you don’t know the hotel, The Renesance, is right up against runways 26R & 26L. They have a restraint right up against some maintenance and you can see the terminals and takeoffs and landing

The Queen and an MD90

Miami Air & Delta SkyTeam 738’s

Life can’t really get much better when your that close to an A330

Thanks for looking at my photos

This isn’t my first time to the Delta museum, maybe my fifth, but it was my first time at the restaurant


I am going to be going down to Atlanta to visit the delta flight museum at the end of March and I’m getting pretty excited!


Did you get to use that crazy expensive full motion simulator? I’ve heard great things about it!


You won’t regret it


Not this time, but I have before. Insane!!


That isnt a 717, its a DC-9
You could tell by the engine


It is a 717, and the sign also says that


Oh! I guess the DC-9 was rhe one on the grass


Yeah, there is one inside. Sorry I didn’t mean for that to sound harsh


I’ve been there did you get a peek inside their level D Flight simulator


It was under maintenance, so you couldn’t look in. I have done it before though and its wild!


Could you go into the planes?


You can go inside the 747 which is AWESOME!, and inside they have a 767, The Spirit of Atlanta, that you can go in. On both aircraft the first 1/3 of the plane is seats, but the backs are seatless so you can see the inside of the plane. The 767 has a Gemini Jet model airport, which is pretty cool



That takeoff angle is a little bit disturbing…


Wait you’ve flown it before?


Lol, I have my phone camera tilted up, so that may have something to do with it, but the MDxx series was taking off very steep


Maybe 🤫

for about 10 minutes, not the full hour, but I am aiming to do the full hour


How much did it cost for 10minutes I’m guessing pretty expensive


I went to the aiport for 3 days just planespotting on the 10th floor of the renaissance and went to the flight museum and it was awesome. Hope you enjoyed it. It’s a very unique experience.


Another fun thing to do at HQ is the surplus sale. Next one is March 8th 9am-2pm. You can buy some cool stuff there