Delta Flight Loses Flight Controls During Flight

I was watching the news tonight and saw this come up! The pilot must have been very educated on how to land the plane. This Boeing 717 was originally going to Atlanta but had to make an emergency landing at Gulfport-Biloxi International Airport.


when did we turn into a news station?


To answer your question, last year.


This is a good resource for such information and a proper forum for discussion such things. This seems to be true especially with non-US carriers or incidents being reported on by people closer to the events or more knowledgeable about the local media or airlines. But more to the point, if you are not interested in these topics, why bother reading?


@Clouds and @Tecnam2TA . Maybe next time just ignore it if you don’t like people sharing interesting news :) Thank You, Good Day!

Oh I don’t mind the news. Don’t take what I said the wrong way. I was just answering his question. Very interesting article. Thanks for sharing. :)


My heart sank until I saw that they managed to land. I get cold sweats imagining loosing proper control of my aircraft, becoming nothing more than a passenger with a great forward view.

I never stated I was interested or not interested in these topics,

I was only asking when we turned into the news room since there has been more post about The News.

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Wow, I wonder if they had to manually control each wing’s flaps seperatey to make the aircraft turn.

Glad everyones safe on the ground! Guys chill @Brandon_K isn’t doing anything wrong

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No. Just not how it works. And from reading the article it looks like the emergency landing was a “precautionary” measure as the airplane later went on to Atlanta.


Seems like a complete non event to me. The crew thought something was up and made a good decision to get it checked out.


that seemed serious “a loss of flight controls” glad everyone landed safely.

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How old are the 717s, didn’t they buy them from Southwest when they acquired AirTran?

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I believe Southwest has always had an all 737 fleet.

Yes SWA sold the 717s to Delta after the aquisition of AirTran. They considered keeping them but ultimately decided against it.

SWA did briefly have a few 727’s in the late 70s and 80s.

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I guess some dont know that things like this happen all the time. with as many flights as there is, theres always bound to be a problem with one of them

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Yeah thought so. They might have been able to use some part on the wing to help get it back to the airport.

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