Delta flight landed at wrong airport

A Delta A320 landed at Ellsworth Air Force Base instead of its destination of Rapid City Regional Airport last night. 2nd time this has happened with the 1st time being a Northwest flight in 2004. Both runways must have the exact same heading?


Looks like someone is going to have a cup of tea and biscuits with the chief pilot.

Might be an awkward conversation:
Chief pilot: Hi there, how are you
Pilot: Fine thanks, how’s life?
Chief pilot: Great, thanks for asking. How’s the flying going?
Pilot: Oh fine, I love my job you know
Chief pilot: That’s good to hear. Anything interesting happened recently?
Pilot: Ummmm…


Probably an emergency landing if it was permitted to land at an Air Force Base.

Nope it wasn’t they landed at the wrong airport and have been suspended

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lol, what were the pilots thinking, i could only imagine why they wee so confused XD

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This reminds me an incident when an AeroMexico MD-83 landed in a AFB instead of Chiapas airport I guess from Mexico City. The plane was surrounded by militaries shortly after landing and the pilots where interviewed.

How did ATC not realize they weren’t on the right glideslope?

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Rapid City Regional, best ICAO ever…KRAP


Interesting. 2 different runway numbers. How could they be that unaware?

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How do you even do this now Adams with ILS and gps coordinates. Plus you have the approach plate and everything… I just don’t get it

I cracked up when I read this newsletter. Like for reals…how do you not know when you are flying into the wrong airport.

Captain: “I see the runway. Visual confirmation.”
First officer: “Yep. Shall we lower landing gear?”
Captain: “Proceed. Flaps full!”
First officer: “Three green.”
(Plane lands safely. First Officer looks out window)
First Officer: “Hey look at that. The terminal morphed into a bush. did they ever notify you that military personal were here?!”
Captain: “As a heads up we landed at the wrong airport.”
First officer: (agape) “Well at least that explains why the airport shrunk. Seriously?”
Captain: “We probably just lost our lisence. You think they serve the little peanut bags in jail!?”
First Officer: “…”
This just cracks me up! Have a great one guys 😂😂😂😂😂😂🛬🚓


Reminds me of when a Southwest flight did this in Missouri.

I’m not sure how something like that happens

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