Delta Flight 717, a life-saving autopilot failure.

KORD-KDEN Delta Flight 717 (Creatively named) was a normal flight but 5 minutes in something happened, a autopilot and general system s failure… No engines… No autopilot… Pure skill.

A normal takeoff for flight 717

The engines fall silent and the nose drops… It’s happened…

Dude, that’s a taxiway! It’s gonna have to do though…

(A sudden flaps failure sends the plane up into the sky)


Safely stopped! Drop a like and a comment on what could be improved!


I like the story line and the photos, I think that the one thing that you could improve is by going more in depth in the descriptions when different things happen. Otherwise great job :D


Thank you! I’ll do that next time!


Maybe the gear going up so early made the engines fail :)


Not sure about that, on my joystick the gear button is next to my thumb so I sometimes hit it a bit early, the true cause will be found out in a topic about an investigation plane… It’ll shock you… Stay tuned!

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