Delta flight 6208 from KJAX-KJFK

A few days ago a flew back home on a Delta Airlines CRJ-700. Slightly small, but still a great experience. I met with the captain, and I was allowed to sit in his seat and test stall and autopilot warnings. He even let me jumpseat for the time when the gate was getting pulled away! At the end of the flight, I got to shut down one of the engines on the plane:). Just a warning. Almost all of these photos were taken through a window, and my airplane window had to be the dirtiest one I have ever seen.

Southwest Airlines 737 (One landing far away)

Delta airlines 757

JetBlue ERJ-190

The flight deck!

Our plane, CRJ-700

Delta MD-88

My view (Dirty Window!)

In flight snack

A bad attempt…

Ukraine International 767 🇺🇦

Dirty window sadly:(

A bus ride!

Delta 767 and CRJ

A preview of what’s to come…

In the next few days I will create a JFK spotting topic (I went after the flight)

Taken with a Canon Powershot SX60HS
Please do not use without permission
Sorry again for the very dirty window:(
Have a great day/night!


Awesome! I love pilots who are excited to meet aviation enthusiasts, especially ones who “break rules” and let you jump seat, etc. ;)

consider it liked, I’ve ran out of likes for today :/


Shut down one of the engines? tell me more!

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Probably cut the fuel flow :)

Well, technically we didn’t move;)

Kind of, I just pressed 3 buttons. Shut off air to the engine and stopped the rotation. I really can’t remember I was so excited!

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Yea but, pilots technically aren’t supposed to do that…let me phrase it better…"bend the rules :)


That’s better😜 20 letters

Oh yea, was it operated as Expressjet, Republic, etc.?

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It was operated by GoJet.

I had NO idea those existed. Neither that they operated them to the USA. Big surprise for me. Looks good though.

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Nice mate, not too much of a dirty window, great quality pics. Hope you enjoyed your flight :)

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Wow that’s awesome that they let you do those things! Nice pictures by the way.

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