Delta flight 2339 review KSFO-KLAX

Small flight review, final report at end!

The plane arrived :) took this short with my new night vision camera!

My seat for today, the plane was completely empty.

Departure out of KSFO, The taxi to runway took a long time and its already sunrise!

Crusing, fast ascend.

No meals since it was a short flight, at least we had in flight entertainment. Altough a small snack of some sort would be much of a improvement. Atleast let us bring snacks into the plane!

Landed already!

Plane was empty so i was first on the exit

Goodbye a220 :(

Final report :
On time arrival +1
Late takeoff -1
Smooth cruise +1
No meals at all allowed -1
Amazing IFE +1
Clean and cold plane +1
No blankets or anything given in flight -1
Quick flight and landing +1
Smooth landing +1

FINAL : 6/10


That’s my favorite one right there!