Delta First Class on MD-90...Is It Worth it?

So I have the huge honor of flying with Delta on June 16th from Denver - Salt Lake City (a major Delta hub) for $103 one way. That may seem like a lot especially when I need to get back to Denver the same day. But it’s not. I actually used my $100 F9 voucher and have a free flight home including purchased seats. But this is about Delta not Frontier. I could go all day about Frontier…


So the entirety of my trip is currently $103. That’s an absolute bargain on a major US carrier, especially Delta who I’ve noted is very expensive. What’s even more mind blowing is that I have the option to spend an extra $74 and get first class.
Now let me stress first and foremost that I have never in my lifetime and neither have my parents in their entire lifetime although my dad works for NASA spent a trip in first class. I’ve walked past first class seats and even sat behind the barrier to first class in United. But I have never before had a chance to purchase first class. Flying Frontier a lot…well you get the idea. First Class isn’t exactly in their business model.
So the opportunity to fly first class is so tempting. I’ve always wanted to see what it’s like to be in first class and usually on United or delta or American, first class can be upwards of $500 a ticket one way.

So this is killing me that I haven’t pushed the $74. One big reason is the Delta MD-90. I’ve heard amazing stories of Delta first class but not so good stories about delta’s angry puppies. So does First Class suffer on their older aircraft or is it still held to the same as a B739 or 777. What’s the difference and is it worth it? My current budget will be strained by buying first class and may involve future travel barriers since I spent so much.
This is a huge h7e huge deal for me as I may never come across such a cheap first class seat. A total of $174 for first class? Unheard of at least to me. So I’m willing to spend it but only if I get the full experience and if it suffers on their Maddog I’ll just go with business plus or normal cabin.

  • Fly First Class (Spend the Money)
  • Fly Business Select
  • Fly Main Cabin
  • Fly Restricted

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Feel free to answer the above poll and as well in the comments. I’m really excited to see what y’all think. This is huge and really potentially exciting for me.

Thanks guys and sorry for the long read. I want to make sure y’all are aware of the surrounding circumstances and not just going in blind.



I am sure, as i am a Delta expert, there is no business select, it is only basic economy, main cabin, comfort+, and first class.
Comfort+ is just main cabin with better legroom, recline, and service
First class has wider seats, more legroom, and meals
No seats have ptvs on the md-90

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Say are the perks for purchasing a first class seat? Like what does that all entail especially on the angry puppy?

I’m not american but i’ve seen a lot of american domestic first class video on youtube… and i say save your money… other than a bigger seat, not much of a difference flying first and economy…

If you want to go for it but I personally would not because it is only a 1.5 hour flight

  1. More legroom
  2. Wider seats
  3. Full meals
  4. Delta studio avaulable for free on a personal device
  5. Attentive serive from a flight attendent
  6. Sky priority boarding
  7. Westin heavenly blanket and pillow
    8, welcome drink, Dasani bottle
  8. Free alcohol

First class on an MD-90 is a bit of extra room and a drink before takeoff, essentially. Free drinks during, too, but Denver-SLC can’t be that long. I always fly FC just because I’m not paying for it, but I certainly wouldn’t pay for it for a route like that.


You won’t get bedding or a meal for DEN-SLC

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I assume they won’t have a meal on a 1 hour and 20 minute flight correct?

That’s what I figured. Okay interesting so part of the bonus for first class is already gone making it not that useful.

Well if you would like to experince it’s a pretty good first class because they just redid the seats with power and more recline on all MD90. The back kinda sucks they cramp you but it is only an 1.5 hour. I spent the money on a 3hr flight and it was the best choice I ever did.

Lol aint no Westin heavenly bedding on a 1 hour flight


As long as it is over 900 miles

Actually there is on all mainline Delta Flights

So essentially no. It’s a little over 500 miles between DEN and SLC.

Erhm…going to Salt Lake City without me? What a good way to treat your friend. 😡

Jokes aside, I think it’s a good idea. Yes, you are flying a short distance, so I would feel slightly queasy about upgrading to first class, but hey, it’s Delta, and I heard good things of their first class product. Also, why not? The price is right, if you know what I mean. 😜

Not true, I flew ATL-BOS on the A321 recently and there was no bedding in first class


See and that’s the quandary I’m having. It may be the only time I ever am able to afford FC but at the same time I don’t want to lose my common sense and waste money on an experience I could get for a much cheaper price.

I guess they only provided a blanket?

Yes they give a blanket and pillow but not bedding lol

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