Delta extended cancellation for trans-Pacific flight

Delta announced that they will extend the cancellation from Apr. 30th to May 31st. This is horrible news. This will impact flights from Beijing to Seattle (SEA), Shanghai- SEA, Beijing- Detroit, Shanghai- Detroit, Shanghai- LAX, Nagoya- Detroit, Tokyo- ATL, Tokyo- HNL, and so on.

Unfortunately the forum doesn’t allowed any COVID19 topics at the moment! :(

This is what @MishaCamp said to the other similar topic:

“Thanks for the conversations, everyone. This forum is a great place for sharing ideas and we welcome it within the rules and guidelines that we set.I have closed this for a few reasons. First and foremost is that it is not strictly relevant to aviation, and is more a product of something else entirely. The topic encompasses a wide range of content, and we feel like that is too broad for it to be targeted enough at real-world aviation given the topic title and content. Secondly, this is a sensitive topic right now. There are many opinions and beliefs, and these can come across in a poor light if not considered thoroughly. We want to make sure that this forum is a place for all people to feel welcome and safe. This topic was closed to make sure this is maintained.”

Thanks, everyone!

But this topic is strictly relevant to aviation…

Same as the other, but they don’t want COVID 19 🙃

This quote gives you a better reasoning why.

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From this post that Jason made. :)