Delta Event in Denver KDEN

Please come to a Delta Airlines event on July 23, 2015 at Denver International Airport at 1:30 PM MDT. Please show up in any Delta aircraft. We also would prefer to have an ATC to Join us as well. Please show up early to pick a gate. Hope to see you there!

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Great, I’ll try to come, I live in Denver so always happy to have an event there!

Awesome!! I live in Colorado as well… This is my first event so I chose none other than Denver. I hope to see you there!

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I live in belgium wen start the event

I can’t come. The event is in an hour and a half, but I’m not getting new subscription money until later today. If you make another event I’ll try to make it. Speaking of first events, I live like 12-15 miles away from DXR, have passed by it too. That’s why my first event is out of DXR

I believe that would be 9:30 Brussels time.