Delta emergency landings

Don’t hear of things like this happening to often to delta

There are a lot of emergency landings they just aren’t publicised, take a look at this


But you notice delta was on there only once😁🙄

Seem to be plenty of entries for Delta.

I don’t get the impression they are any more or less safe than any other major US carrier.

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Yes I regularly see delta, it doesn’t matter as all airlines with a big fleet will likely be in there but it’s not rare, before looking at this you wouldn’t think emergency landings were common but this just shows most go unnoticed


That is very true I never realized how many there are on a day to day basis

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Delta A320 at Rapid City on Jul 7th 2016, landed on wrong airport.

How do you manage to do that?

Perhaps more convenient for the car park where the pilots had left their cars? ;)

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I just read that the landed at an air force base!

Member the c17 that landed at a small airport

Remember when the dream lifter landed at the wrong airport.

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Never heard of that incident

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