Delta E175S

Hello everyone, I have a feature that I would like added.
This is the E175S. Delta operates these mostly with Republic. The E175L, is typically operated by SkyWest, and the L variant pretty much only flies on the west coast. The occasional E175L can be seen at LGA, but it is very rare given that they only fly the L variant on the west coast. Flying the Delta E175L is unrealistic, as Delta pretty much never uses it on their very, very common DCA-LGA, DCA-JFK, DCA-BOS.
This aircraft would be SO useful to fly on the east coast.

(Credit:International Flight Network)

Thank you so much for reading! Please vote!!

I’ve been on a couple of Delta E175S’s in my travels, most recently from MVY-JFK. I’ll be on another one this summer.


Just a question.

Why can’t you use the E175L? It’s the same Delta livery. It would seem pointless having two different aircraft small varients then just the same.


It wouldn’t fit some if not many routes, and the current Delta livery has some inaccuracies witth the widget on the tail

I still don’t see the point to make a livery request topic for a livery that already exists.

Consider making the topic about fixing the inaccuracies on the current livery.


Could work, but I can already imagine what the replies would be when asking

The winglets is the main and most notable difference, maybe this can be added and/or moved to

Anyway, currently we have on e175 delta livery the slanted winglets… those on the e175S in my opinion look a lot better, similar to it of the e190.


Just everyone, understand: The plane in the game is operated by SkyWest, but SkyWest only flies on the west coast.

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Bro @Delta174J why do you like all of my posts. And so quickly lol

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I fly republic often, so I would 100% prefer this. However, I am out of votes and there are other new nonexistent livery’s I want to support. I get where you are coming from, amazing plane!

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Totally agree with you

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Spread the love! It’s the Brooklyn way, after all.

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Yeah! Love it!

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I honestly find the winglets in the sky west one kinda ugly… but this is an interesting piece of information as now I think of it… I have never really ever seen a delta e175 with the in game winglets…

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Well you live on the east coast. (Sarasota, right) but anyways, the older variant is the S.

Literally… I’m all for having correct liveries, but this? This is just over the top and unnecessary.

At the end of the day, does it really matter? And if so… why?


Ok I get it, but I do have a point.

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Agreed, the only difference would be the registration and winglet type. Is it really worth an entire separate but completely identical livery?

Yes, the point of it being 2 different operators stands but you’re still flying under the Delta carrier and scheme with the exception of callsigns which can be changed already.


mY imMErsiON

God forbid we use an ever so slightly different variant of an aircraft, that wouldn’t be realistic.

It’s highly unlikely that a new variant of the E175 is going to be added. It would be more likely that they would simply edit the wingtips, similar to what we have on the a320 family.

If there are inaccuracies in the current Delta livery, it would be worth mentioning them. The staff team always appreciate constructive feedback (as long as it isn’t as mundane as saying text is one pixel too big etc)


No actually I live by jfk most of the year under the Canarsie approach, Srq is where my beach house is, where I am from end of school to the start of next years school year

Ok this is off topic, anyways, yes I agree you do have a point this winglet looks so much better imo