Delta E175 MVY-JFK: Trip Report

Airline: Delta Connection (operated by Republic)
Aircraft: E175S (N203JQ)
Origin: Martha’s Vineyard Airport (KMVY)
Destination: John F. Kennedy International Airport (KJFK)
Flight Time: 39 minutes
Date: August 24th, 2023

After a great vacation in Martha’s Vineyard (an island in Massachusetts), it was time to head home. Martha’s Vineyard Airport is not big by any standards, with a handful of flights from JetBlue, Delta Connection, American Eagle, and United Express, along with some Cape Air and Tradewind operations. The airport is so small, in fact, that you only need to arrive about 1 hour before your departure, which is what we did this pleasant Thursday early afternoon.

To get a sense of how small this airport is, just look at the departures door. Yes, for the entire terminal.

Delta check in was staffed by two people, who took our bag by hand to this back room for security checks and loading onto our plane. TSA was one line, with just a few officers milling around. There was a queue forming, and it took about 15 minutes to get through (2 E jets leave around the same time).

There is no indoor waiting lounge, just this big white tent with some benches. We got out of security just as our zone was being boarded.

Ahh, nothing more refreshing than the smell of jet fuel, am I right? We took a nice little jaunt across the ramp to board our aircraft via a big movable ramp thing.

Perfect seat in row 16! The cabin was basic, and the legroom was fine for this short flight. The cabin cleanliness was a different story. The tray table, seatback, seat, and even walls were pretty grimy, but nothing a few Clorox wipes couldn’t fix.

We pushed back, got our engines started, and headed to the runway. Our takeoff roll was speedy, and we quickly got into the air. The flaps stayed out longer than I expected, but I’m not as familiar with the E jet’s flap configurations.

At our cruising altitude of 9,000 feet, the cabin crew raced through handing out waters, which was a nice touch for such an incredibly short flight.
No snacks were available on this flight, which I expected. I tried connecting to the onboard Wi-Fi, which they claimed was offered. However, it seemed not to be working today.

Soon enough, it was time to descend. The crew made their cabin checks before landing, and the seatbelt sign came back on.

The weather in New York was pretty dull, with some light sprinkles and overcast skies. Our approach into JFK was rather bumpy, and almost entirely though the mass of clouds.

Finally, with our flaps extended and gear down, we emerged from the clouds over Queens.

Coming in low onto Runway 04L! Can anyone tell me what this highway road thing is?

Our landing was pretty hard, and it felt like there was some last minute adjustments to line up with the runway. We were able to make a runway exit close to our gate, which was something.

This was my first time at JFK. I’ve been to LGA and EWR, but never the New York area’s biggest airport. The inside felt more like a mall than an airport.

Food: 10/10 (water was even more than I expected)
Crew: 7/10
Seat Comfort: 8/10
Cabin Cleanliness: 3/10
Landing: 4/10.

Click the hyperlinks below for various videos from my flight

Safety Briefing
Super Fast Takeoff

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Im sure JFK designers would be glad to here that lol


Yeah, no kidding.

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I mean, they’ve got a freaking Gucci store at that airport!

Many international airports have that.

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Yeah. It just really gives off mall vibes. MSP’s Terminal 1 is like that too.

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