Delta Dropping sole ATL flight from January 3rd to February 14th of 2019

Well, looks like Delta is dropping it’s sole Atlanta flight for the months of January and February.

I found out from a friend, in whichever i then decided to check out myself on

It is confirmed that we won’t see the ATL flights for only two months. It’s kinda a big deal because ATL is a city very crucial to us here in Manchester. That’s where most of MHT fliers connect through.

Unfortunately, we are losing many flights, and if you have recently heard, United has decided to stop ORD flights September 4, 2018.

It seems that while Boston is thriving, Manchester is becoming more like nothing compared to what it was back in 2005.

Soon, BTV will surpass MHT by Passenger Count.

Beginning January 4, you’ll have to either connect through LGA or DTW to go to ATL

Feburary 14 is the last time you’ll connect through LGA and DTW, as it returns Non-Stop the next day

You might be wondering “It’s only two months, what’s the big deal?”

It is a big deal, because it may signify that we might actually lose the route to Atlanta.


That’s a bummer, we have a pretty good Atlanta service at least. We actually have a 767 some days, but I think that may just be placement for the Paris flight. But being a big supporter of a smaller airport I can understand how frustrating it can be to loose a route…

Good luck!

What aircraft is it with?

Delta changes their A/C on their ATL route sometimes.

September is on an A319
October is on a Boeing 737
November is back to the MD88
December is on a Boeing 717 and Airbus A319

Then in February it returns to the A319 before reverting back to the usual MD88

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We are a pretty constant MD, and 737. Alternating, two MDs a day, and one 73 I think…

Good luck with getting some new routes!

If only we would get new routes…

Hopefully, our new airport director will help MHT out of this mess, as our previous airport director literally sat there getting paid to see our airport collapse since 2008

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I think this is probably due to low demand in the winter months. Considering you have mainline service I wouldn’t think they would cancel. Rather a downgrade to RJ service would make more sense.

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We have been talking that at least an RJ900
Would be sufficient enough. But I’m not the Route Manager at Delta

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Wow, that is unfortunate, with MHT basically being one of 3 to serve New Hampshire, and one of 2 that have airlines that will fly out of New England.

How are loads during other times of the month? One thing to consider is this flight doesn’t really feed that well to Europe or Asia, mostly just South America.

I’m not sure, but the first Atlanta Flight leaves at 6am every day, and doesn’t return until nearly 11:55pm the same day, nearly midnight.

Unfortunately, if the ATL flight is cancelled, you’ll either have to wait until the next day, or drive down to BOS to Catch a flight to Atlanta there.

When I flew to Miami on American recently, they told me they “might” need volunteers, which means someone would have to go to Boston to go to Miami. Luckily we didn’t need volunteers.

Airline Destination Frequency
Delta Atlanta 1x daily
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Actually a new airport director can do wonders! We got a new one a few years back, and immediately she had a plan and started acting. She had a 5 year plan that has apparently been almost done in just three, and she has set in place a major renovation, and she has big credit with our China charters, London flights, Condor, WOW, Seattle, and the list goes on. We really started rising and rising fast when she came on board. I really hope you guys can have the same thing. Here’s an article about the wonderful things she has done…

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