Delta domestic first class flight review BOS-MSP-FAR

Hello IF community and welcome to my first ever flight review. Today I’ll be flying Delta’s domestic first class from Boston Logan Airport to Fargo with a layover in Minneapolis, so without further ado, let’s get into it!

The journey starts at Boston’s terminal A, home to Delta and Westjet.

Made it through security (where I saw someone get through TSA pre-check using a completely different boarding pass) and watching our plane pull into view. A 1 year old Airbus a321-200 registered N124DX that arrived from MSP.

Lastly boarded and at my seat 4A. With it came complimentary earbuds and water, universal power outlets (although that’s available in all cabin classes), 11” (27.94cm) seatback entertainment with over 300 movies and tv shows as well as 18 live tv channels, 20.9” (53cm) in width, and 36”(91.5cm) of pitch.

Pretty soon the safety video started playing and we began pushback and taxi out to the runway. The nice thing about an evening departure like this is you get to see all international arrivals offering a variety of airlines. Unfortunately due to the limit of 10 pictures per post I’ll post those pictures right after I post this (If that makes sense).

During takeoff we had a great view of Boston harbor as we circled around it eventually heading westbound.

Wi-Fi was available on this flight and was free to all Skymiles members. Unfortunately it was only powerful enough to run Spotify and make simple Google searches. I couldn’t access YouTube or any websites. But hey, it was free so I can’t really complain.

After a while it was time for the dinner service. Before the flight you could choose from an option of roast beef salad, Cajun spiced chicken and potatoes, or mushroom ravioli. Each dish was served with a Chocolate and walnut cake and a small salad. I chose the ravioli and my sister opted for the chicken. Both of which was extremely good.

Sadly, the flight tracker wasn’t working on this flight but nonetheless I found a good documentary about the history of Delta and how the handled the COVID-19 pandemic.

As for the loo review, the lavatory up in the front was very nice and had faux stone floors, cool ambient lighting, and some orange vanilla hand lotion. Overall it was very clean as well.

That’s it for part 1, part 2 will be posted in the same topic as soon as this is approved!


Anyway, here’s part 2! It turned out that I had more pictures of the second flight than I had thought so planespotting photo dump will be in yet another post.

Pretty soon we began our descent into Minneapolis and got a nice view of downtown on the way in (not captured well with my phone though).

Officially entered @Mort territory!

Something that I always do at a layover in Minneapolis is that I planespot from an observation room above Concourse D. And being I had 3 hours, most of the shops were closed, and the SkyClub (which you don’t get free access to on a domestic ticket btw) was only open for another hour, a visit up there was imminent.

Eventually we headed down to the gate and boarded the 7 year old Boeing 737-900 registered N848DN. And due to the age the seat felt a little more worn than the previous flight bit once again came with all the amenities.

Due to the short duration of the flight you get served a choice of chips, cookies, or almonds with a drink. Something you would normally get in economy, but you are getting something unlike everyone else onboard.

Something that this flight has that the other didn’t however was a working flight tracker! Delta’s updated flight tracker comes with 3D views of the plane, virtual window views, but most importantly, a heads up display!

After a short time in the air we began our descent into Fargo at around midnight.

And made it home! Thanks so much for viewing!


Awesome tripreport, was fun to read!

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Welcome, welcome!

I got a picture a lot like this while flying JFK-MSP with Delta!


Finally the plane pics!

A Japan Air 787-9 from Narita

A couple of planes in this shot, a Lufthansa a380 from Munich, an Alaska Airlines 737 in the Disney livery, and the spec of light on final approach is a British Airways a380 (I couldn’t get a closeup picture because it was on the other side of the plane when it landed)

An Aer Lingus a321neo at the gate

Another Aer Lingus plane just in the form of an a330-300 landing after the journey from Dublin.

A -blurry- picture of a Swiss a330 at a remote stand

American a321neo going to Miami

United 737-800 headed to Newark

A nice view of the terminal with the Boston skyline in the background.

And lastly takeoff where I caught an Icelandair 767 from Reykjavik.


Thanks! (10)

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Thank you! It was just as fun to make!

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Ooo! Iceland! So you flew KEF-BOS-MSP-FAR? Wouldn’t KEF-MSP-FAR be quicker?

No (I wish!), I saw it right after takeoff from Boston.

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Ahh, ok. Got it. Definitely make the trip to Iceland if you can though. Worth it 1000%.

Can’t wait till the day comes!

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Their MAXs are amazing. Tons of legroom, super comfy seats, modern, cool Northern Lights mood lighting, insanely fast Wi-Fi, and massive entertainment screens.

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lol ( characters )

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There are other IFC’ers from Minneapolis too!

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Yeah I think I’ve heard of @Northwest. But it’s only you and him that I know of.

You the most famous though

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And that’s why I chose you of all people

Ope ya you betcha

MSP is definitely the best airport can’t change my mind


Ope, well then tell your folks I says hi.

The sad thing is I catch myself saying these Midwest sayings often.


Oh yeah, I’ll make em some tater tot hot dish next time I see ‘em.

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