Delta (DL2272) A320 Los Angeles-San Francisco

In my effort to use California to the max, I decided to make flight DL2272 from LAX to SFO. Nice flight, but it’s getting boring flying in the same regions, hopefully I’ll get me a Playstore card soon.

At the gate at LAX.


Entering Runway 24R.

A perfect takeoff.

Leaving LAX.

Cruising at FL300.

On approach into SFO.

Off centreline landing, I need an “Sturmovik Seal of Approval” for that.

At the gate at SFO.

Video of the flight. Consider subscribing, there’s more to come!


Nice photos!

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Awesome shots! I think I was the controller @ LAX that day, thanks for coming!

Edit: nvm I just realized it was on solo XD