Delta Destinations Vol. 6: Nostalgia in SoCal | @ KSAN - 232100ZFEB19

Delta Destinations Vol. 6: Nostalgia in SoCal | @ KSAN - 232100ZFEB19

Server: Expert Server

Departure Airport: KSAN

Departure Time: 2019-02-23T21:00:00Z

Aircraft: Any aircraft smaller than or equal to the B752, in Delta livery.

Welcome to Delta Virtual’s 6th Edition of Delta Destinations! In this special edition, we feature popular throwback routes before Global, and include a favorite airport before Global came out. For this event, we will start at KSAN (San Diego), head north to KLAX (Los Angeles), fly over to KNUC (San Clemente) for a touch and go, and end with the final leg headed to KPSP (Palm Springs). While KNUC may not be the most realistic place to fly, it was a popular destination before Global, and this serves to reminisce in the nostalgia. We hope you’ll enjoy this event!

Route Plan:

  • KSAN-KLAX: ~25 minutes

  • KLAX-KNUC: ~20 minutes (not including the time for a touch and go)

  • KNUC-KPSP: ~30 minutes

Total Expected Flight Time: ~3 hours, based on certain runways, weather, and number of touch and goes.

Flight Plans will be available to copy from @MrMrMan, DLVA428.

Reserving a gate is easy and open to ANY and ALL Pilots of the Infinite Flight Community!


DLVA Members are asked to give their VA callsign.

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Pilot Aircraft Gate at KSAN
@MrMrMan [DLVA428] B739 Gate 40
@DBOB [DLVA1258] B752 Gate 41
@Bradey.Stewart [DLVA36] B739 Gate 42
@Bigballin2u [DLVA0824] B739 Gate 48
@r3life [DLVA06] B739 Gate 49
@Michael_McMurray [DLVA1185] B739 Gate 50
@Will_Ford_Jr [DLVA2448] B739 Gate 51
@metro [DLVA1138] A319 Gate 43
@Delta319 [DLVA34] B739 Gate 44
@Kristopher_Brown [DLVA9818] B738 Gate 45
@BadPlane [TFC-023] B739 Gate 46
@Sebastian9915 [DLVA243] CRJ7 Gate 47
@CaptSnilloc [DLVA2271] B739 Gate 20
@Nick_Burgess [DLVA3124] A321 Gate 21
@Bruno_Salvi1 [DI471] B739 Gate 22
@Steven_Citrin [DLVA8493] B739 Gate 23
@Captain_Erere [DLVA0195] E170 Gate 24
@Ethan_Chloe123 [DLVA737] B739 Gate 25
- - Gate 26
- - Gate 27
- - Gate 28
- - Gate 29
- - Gate 30
- - Gate 31
- - Gate 32
- - Gate 33
- - Gate 34
- - Gate 35
- - Gate 36
- - Gate 37
- - Gate 38
- - Gate 39

The gates start in a backwards order because those are the gates that Delta usually uses at San Diego.

More gates will be added as necessary.


Callsign : DLVA2448
Aircraft : B739

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DLVA1258 - B752, please! :-)

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@Will_Ford_Jr & @DBOB - both of you have been signed up! :)

Call sign DLVA 36
Aircraft: B739

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I will take a gate, B752, callsign: JM116NH

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DLVA06 attending in the B739


DLVA1185 in a B752

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DLVA1138 - Delta A319

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DLVA34 B738. thanks

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Callsign: DLVA9818
Aircraft: B738

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@Bradey.Stewart, @joslleymiguel_holand, @r3life, @Michael_McMurray, @metro, @Delta319, & @Kristopher_Brown - you have all been signed up! See you on the 23rd.


Aircraft: 737-900
Callsign: TFC-023

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You’re signed up! :)

How many touches and goes are we doing at knuc, also, I think its a little longer than 15 minutes to get there

Also what cruising altitude?

  1. In theory, we could do as many touch and goes as we want. We can discuss that more as the event gets closer.
  2. I’ll take a look again at the flight time for KLAX-KNUC, and correct it if need be.
  3. Cruising altitude and other relevant flight information will be released the day of the event.


ok, thank you

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I just flew the route. I departed KLAX from 06R, not 24L, because that’s how KLAX is operating right now. I continued onto KNUC, and resulted with a 29 minute flight time. Assuming we depart from the 06/07 runways, we can expect about half an hour. However, if we depart using the 24/25 runways, we can expect about 15-20 minute flight time because the 06s and 07s add about 10 minutes to the flight time. What we use depends on weather, and what the airport is actually using.

I’ll update it to 20 minutes to be on the safe side.