Delta Destinations Vol. 5: Celebrating Jet City! | @ KSEA - 262100ZJAN19


Got you all signed up! :)


Hey Ethan! Would love to join. I will fly the A319 to KLAX. Looking forward to it, thanks!


You’re all signed up, Omar! :)


Callsign: DLVA21
Destination: ZBAA
Aircraft: B772


Can I have from Vancouver a 787-8


Calsign Delta 986 Heavy


@CREntinger, you’ve been signed up.

@BadPlane, I don’t feel that Seattle to Vancouver in a B788 makes a whole lot of sense. It’s such a short flight, after all… Would you like to switch your plane or route? Sorry about that.


If the time was a little later I’d hit the long haul to Asia.



You’re signed up! :)


DLVA1185, LAX, in the B737-900.


You’re signed up! :)


No prob, I’ll have a 737-900 than


I’ll also take the heavy out of my callsign


You’re all signed up! :)


Can anyone join
I might join I’ll see


Yes, anyone is able to come! We’d love to have you come along :)


I would like to but I have to see when is other event


Looking forward to it


I’ve got you signed up!


Looks like fun!

Callsign: DLVA 1492
Destination: ZBAA
Aircraft: B77L