Delta Destinations Vol. 5: Celebrating Jet City! | @ KSEA - 262100ZJAN19


All fixed! Sorry about that.


Callsign: DLVA06
Destination: ZBAA
Aircraft: B744


I’ve got you down! :)


I just checked and you do not change my callsign yet, I hope you do not forget that
Delta 116


Callsign: DLVA1891
Destination: KATL
Aircraft: B739

Looking forward to it!


Callsign: DLVA737
Destination: PHLI
Aircraft: B739

Sign me in captain, @MrMrMan 😉
Love the thread


@Bray & @Ethan_Chloe123, you’ve both been signed up.

@joslleymiguel_holand, I changed the callsign when I originally realized the mistake. Maybe it didn’t update? Regardless, it should be fixed now.



Delta 288 to KLAX in a 738 for me plz!


You’ve been signed up! :)


I’ll fly DLVA1258 to PHOG in a 752 as well if that’s okay!


Callsign: DLVA2448
Destination: KATL
Aircraft: 739


Callsign: DLVA653
Destination: KMSP
Aircraft: B752


@Bobby_Howard, @Will_Ford_Jr, & @Kyle.r24 - you’re all signed up. :)


Callsign: AFKLM005
Destination: EHAM
Aircraft: B788


You have been signed up! Nice to have you coming along. :)


Requesting destination change to Kahului. Waking up at 4am isn’t really my thing 😂.
Aircraft is the same


It’s been changed! :)


I’ll have the 757-200 please! Thanks 😁


You have been signed up. :)


I will take a Delta B752 to DTW. Callsign Will be Delta 212. See you there!