Delta Destinations Vol. 5: Celebrating Jet City! | @ KSEA - 262100ZJAN19

Delta Destinations Vol. 5: Celebrating Jet City! | @ KSEA - 262100ZJAN19

Server: Expert Server

Departure Airport: KSEA

Departure Time: 2019-01-26T21:00:00Z

Aircraft: Any aircraft operated by Delta that fits the route.

Welcome to Delta Virtual’s 5th Edition of Delta Destinations! This edition will feature the largest airport in the Pacific Northwest region of North America, Seattle-Tacoma International! Seattle is an important hub for Delta because of Delta’s transpacific routes. As you can see, this event features a few transpacific routes Delta has out of Seattle, along with some transcontinental and transatlantic routes.
Seattle is known as the “Jet City” among other things for the prominence of Boeing, which has facilities at KBFI, Boeing Field.

Pilots have the option to pick and fly any of the routes below for this event! Routes are ordered by flight time, from least to greatest.

CYVR (Vancouver)

Flight Time: ~1hr

KLAX (Los Angeles)

Flight Time: ~2hrs 50mins

KMSP (Minneapolis)

Flight Time: ~3hrs 15mins

KDTW (Detroit)

Flight Time: ~4hrs 15mins

KATL (Atlanta)

Flight Time: ~4hrs 50mins

PHOG (Kahului)

Flight Time: ~6hrs

PHLI (Lihue)

Flight Time: ~6hrs 30mins

EHAM (Amsterdam)

Flight Time: ~10hrs

RJAA (Tokyo Narita)

Flight Time: ~10hrs 50mins

ZBAA (Beijing)

Flight Time: ~12hrs

Reserving a gate is easy and open to ANY and ALL Pilots of the Infinite Flight Community!


DLVA Members are asked to give their VA callsign.

Small Aircraft Gates

Pilot Gate Destination Aircraft
@KDOT [DLVA1881] A01 CYVR E175
@Gavin_I [DLVA1506] A02 KDTW B738
@CameronH21 [DLVA2323] A03 KATL B739
@Jeffrey_Varga [DLVA8720] A05 KLAX A319
@Dylan_T [DLVA4291] A06 KLAX B739
@Lee88 [Delta 1988] A07 KMSP B739
@Ethan_Chloe123 [DLVA737] A08 PHLI B739
@Elliott_Ewell [Delta 288] A09 KLAX B738
@Will_Ford_Jr [DLVA2448] A10 KATL B739
@Omar_DeWindt [DLVA7421] A11 KLAX A319
@Gavin_James [Delta 22] A14 KLAX B739
@Michael_McMurray [DLVA1185] B01 KLAX B739
@Delta319 [DLVA34] B03 PHLI B739
@JGrant639 [DLVA349] B04 KDTW B739
@Bradey.Stewart [DLVA36] B05 KLAX B739
@Dart [Delta 1432] B06 KLAX A321
@Connor_Mcmullin [Delta 2877] B07 KDTW B738
@CaptSnilloc [DLVA2271] B09 KLAX B739
@Kristopher_Brown [DLVA9818] B11 KMSP B739
@ClarenceTheAvgeek [DLVA76] B15 PHLI A321
- Q01 - -
- Q03 - -
- Q05 - -

Large Aircraft Gates

Pilot Gate Destination Aircraft
@flyinggoosey [DLVA631] A04 RJAA B763
@MercedesGuy550 [DAL2377] A12 KLAX B752
@Sebastian9915 [DLVA243] A13 ZBAA B763
@Sean_Green [DLVA1492] S01 ZBAA B77L
@joslleymiguel_holand [Delta 116] S02 ZBAA B772
@EverettM [Delta 93] S03 RJAA A333
@Steven_Citrin [DLVA8493] S05 PHOG B744
@Luke_Sta [Delta 212] S06 KDTW B752
@MrMrMan [DLVA428] S07 ZBAA B77L
@r3life [DLVA06] S08 ZBAA B744
@DBOB [DLVA1258] S09 PHOG B752
@Kyle.r24 [DLVA653] S10 KMSP B752
@KingWings [AFKLM005] S11 EHAM B788
@Captain_Trigger21 [DLVA21] S12 ZBAA B772
@braydenma [N73YAR] S13 RJAA B763
- S14 - -
- S15 - -

More gates will be added as necessary.

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Callsign: DLVA 1881
Destination: CYVR
Aircraft: E175 OO

Looking forward!




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@KDOT & @kznawsm, you’ve both been signed up.

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Callsign: DLVA 127
Destination: PHOG
Aircraft: 752

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You’re signed up!

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Sign me up pls!
DLVA243 B763 to KDTW


Sounds fun!

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McDonnell-Douglas MD-11 @thedeltaflyerr

Think it’s the time I tackle my first overnighter

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B739 please.

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I’d be down to fly to LAX, let me have DL2153.

Sign me up for KLAX! DLVA8720, might change later.

Oh yeah and A319

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@Sebastian9915, @Gavin_I, @Delta319, @CameronH21, & @Jeffrey_Varga - you’ve been signed up! :)

@HumbledHighway - which aircraft would you like?


Callsign: DLVA4291
Destination: KLAX
Aircraft: 739

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You’re all signed up. :)

Callsign: Delta 479

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You have been signed up. :)

I will take a gate

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You’ve been signed up! I didn’t put the “Super” for the sake of space. :)

It’s okay but you made a mistake with the number is Delta 116.

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