Delta Destinations Vol. 4: A Hometown Circuit! 292100ZDEC18 | Celebrating Two Years of Delta Virtual!


Boeing 737-900


@Josh_Suarez - changed.
@ClarenceTheAvgeek - you’re signed up, but I need a departure time.
@Capt.SkyWalker & @JGrant639 - signed up!


Departure will be 1910Z, but I will check the winds prior to my flight.


Thank you! :)


Do participants have to fly Delta livery?


We would appreciate it if you did, but in the end, it’s up to you. DLVA members will be required to. 🙃


Well I will fly the New 739 with Splits :)


Ah yes, CLT right next door. I wonder what u would if atl was yur home airport.


Parking: A or E

Glad my pic is on the banner:)


You’re all signed up :)



Get a gate while the getting’s good! :)


Callsign: Delta 229
Hometown Airport: KPIT (Pittsburgh)
Departure Time in Zulu: 1900Z
Aircraft: B739 (Delta w/ split winglets)

Also, would it be possible for me to fly to KSEA on the second leg instead of returning to KPIT?


You’re signed up! You can go to KSEA if you wish.

You coming from KPIT makes me think of @KPIT

See you in a few weeks!


I’m already coming! 😂😜

(Also I’m down for the 737-800, but can I change to the -900? They fly it here more often, and mostly I just want those splits! 😂)


Sure! It’s been changed.


Are we just heading straight in on approach or will there be some sort of system


We’ll see what we can do. ;)


Callsign: DLVA3124
Hometown Airport KIND
Departure Time in Zulu: 2000Z
Aircraft: B739


You’re all signed up. :)


If you add a gate, I’ll take it
Call sign: Delta 1790
Aircraft: A321
Hometown: Washington DC (Will be departing to DCA and arriving from KSAT)
Departure time: 1900Z


I signed you up. See you then! :)